What is Digital Marketing and its Future Scope in India?

In recent times, the scope of digital marketing is increasing a lot. How is that happening? We can see some crazy people getting famous overnight on social media and trending on digital platforms. Almost everybody is using digital media on their preferred platforms. So, it is evident to say that digital is becoming a part of human life and it gave way to huge opportunities in the digital marketing field.

In this digital era, every one of us is connected to the digital world more when compared to our neighbours. Every one of us is desired to see the world digitally. So to reach out to those audiences, being digital is the best and it is convenient. This makes it easy for companies right from small business to bigger giants, and digital marketers to showcase their products and skills and makes the best business out of it. It results in creating a vast scope in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is growing day by day. How is that happening? In many rural parts of the world; everyone spends more time connecting to the digital world and they are eager to know more about it regularly; so that makes it easy for the digital marketer to reach the right audience; even from nooks and corners of the villages. Have a look at the following image

Global Digital Volume in 2023

Source: datareportal.com

This shows a massive number of people being online and using digital media regularly. So your online audience is very high. If you are a skilled digital marketer, you can reach this wider set of audience and can reach out to the needy ones and convert them accordingly. So it is the right time to know what it is?

What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a promotion of a product or service that is done through digital platforms. Since most people are spending more time on digital and online media; it helps many companies to market and sells their brands to them online. They will target the right set of audiences and withstand the intense competition from their competitors that lags behind in digital marketing skills.

Why not Traditional Marketing? 

Traditional marketing mainly involves advertising the product via newspapers, magazines, and in person. This kind of marketing can be suited for local or regional companies with a huge ad budget. They invest a lot of money in these kinds of ads but they reach the needy and targeting the right audiences is very difficult. In spite of it, some companies are opting for it to reach their local audiences. Most people just skim through these ads and only if they need anything; they will search it with the entire magazine or newspaper.

Check out the following stat: 

Have a look at the stats, it shows a clear increase in internet usage among people

Source: datareportal.com

These stats show that most people are online regularly. They are searching for almost everything online. Many people are connected digitally by social media on their respective platforms; it is easy to reach them on their preferred platforms rather than spending more on traditional marketing. Digital marketers will target the right audience and deliver it to them. It is cost-effective for startups or small businessmen since the newspaper and magazine ads are too much for them to bear. 

Generally, people love to see as many creative and colourful ads as compared to that in newspapers or magazines, thus digital ads create more impact on the viewers. As a result, the interested audience ends up buying the brand. Here, the conversion rate and return on investment are high if you target the right sort of audience.

Scope of Digital Marketing:

In India, everyone has a smartphone and a high-speed internet connection to it. Thanks to Jio, (which increased the digital marketing scope) India has minimal internet rates compared to many other countries. Digital marketing is making its impact, and it is growing at its own pace. As the market and digitization grow, the number of jobs available for all sorts of digital marketing will be in higher demand. If you want to start a career in digital marketing, now is the right time.

The government of India is taking an immense interest in the scheme DIGITAL INDIA (from 2023) and has allocated Rs 4,795 crore for the fiscal year 2023-2024, which will increase in the upcoming years; as they have witnessed the outcome of the project. So, the number of companies entering the digital market will be increased in the upcoming years and all sorts of businesses are ready to make an impact digitally

Even now, a lot of investment is made digitally, and with increasing people’s attraction towards digital platforms; the scope for digital marketing and the marketer is greater and broader. The following stats show the amount of data used and the amount of traffic created by people in online media.

Global Smartphone Traffic

Source: datareportal.com

People have started to use digital platforms like never before. So online traffic has increased a lot which is easier for the digital marketer to utilize them. Thus, the future is brighter for digital marketers. With the evolution of smartphones and the easily accessible internet; digitization will be a crucial factor in the future for the economy; if that happens then digital marketers will be the backbone of it.


Due to the increased online traffic and many companies targeting to utilize that traffic, digital marketing scope is a lot. But, there is a huge skill gap to fill; since certified digital marketing professionals are fewer in number compared to that the number of companies opting for that. Many companies are searching for the right agency with skilled digital marketers to accomplish their goals and targets. As you have witnessed, the world needs more digital marketing professionals for their goals.

If you are interested to learn it from scratch, learn it like never before and do join the right teaching agency to bring out your special digital marketing skills.

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