Beginners Guide: How to Start an Awesome Blog?

Hey readers, ever wondered about how bloggers start and publish a blog online? As the year passes by, blogging is made easy with the evolution of many easy tools. There are free and paid tools for blogging. In this article, I am going to help you to start a beautiful blog with minimum expenditure. There are a lot of advantages of blogging, it is better to start using the essential tools for free to understand blogging.

Beginners Guide: How to Start an Awesome Blog?
Beginners Guide: How to Start an Awesome Blog?

To start a blog, you need to have a niche, a domain name, a hosting service, and a blogging platform with the necessary plugins. Let us see these in a step by step procedure for easy understanding.

1. Find your Niche:

A niche is nothing but a specific topic with which you are going to start your blog. It is important to stick to a single niche for your repeated sort of audience. You can change your niche, but changing your niche too often will end up clumsy to your readers. So, finding your niche and continuing for a prolonged time is very important. Because that can drive a repeated audience rather than writing a very wide topic.

Your niche can be your hobby, your knowledge or your technical experience with any particular field or anything that you are eager to share with your readers. Don’t worry about your niche, there are more than thousands of blogs on the internet for all the niches out there. For all sorts of niches, there is a particular set of audiences who are in search of it. So, it matters how you put that across to your readers in your style.

Your niche idea
Find your Niche

Most importantly, it should have a particular amount of search volume on the internet. Even if your blog is worthy and has much information, if no one searches for it, it will be of no use. So, it is important to pick a search balanced niche. Because it can drive more readers to your site as many people are searching for it. A possible combination of niche and search volume is needed for healthy blogging. For that, you can use Ubersuggest to check the search volume. Make sure to pick a single niche and stick with it.

2. Register your domain name

Once you are ready with your niche, you need to decide on your domain name. Check your domain name in any of the domain registration sites such as GoDaddy, Bluehost, and Hostgator. Each site has millions of users in it, so each site is unique in its style. These sites charge you for your registration with a minimal package for one year and every year you have to renew it. Keep your domain name as short as possible for easier remembrance and reach.

Once your domain name is ready, you have to add domain extensions to check its availability. There are many types of domain extensions used. But, TLD- Top Level Domain and ccTLD- country code are widely used by many. Top-Level Domain is used majorly across the world.

Examples of Domain Extensions
Examples of Domain Extensions

Choose the .com domain extension as it is a commercial one, widely known and it looks professional. If you want to cover only your regional audience, you can think about the ccTLD (which is .in for India). Usually, people will prefer ccTLD only if their .com extension is not available or .com costs too much.

There is a lot of free domain registration available. But, it has many limitations such as they will add some extensions to your domain name, and most sites will offer one year free after that you have to pay a huge amount for the renewal. If you don’t renew it, you will lose your visitors and data. So it is better to have a domain registered in your name and renew it once a year.

3. Choose a Hosting provider

Now, you have got your domain name registered. To host your website, you need a hosting service. There are many types of hosting available but you will see the following three which is widely used: 

Different Types of Web Hosting
Different Types of Web Hosting


As a beginner, it is wise and easy to start with shared hosting. Because the dedicated and VPS hosting costs are way too high and a newbie cannot handle that. Once your blog grows and you are getting enough traffic, you can shift it to dedicated or VPS hosting. There is free and payable hosting available. Some Free hosting sites: Wix, Weebly, and Freehosting.Some Paid hosting sites: are Bluehost, Hostinger.

If you want to try out your blogging, you can start up with a free hosting service. If you have grown your visitors and are getting traffic regularly, you can shift your blogs and content to your preferred hosting site with proper backup.

4. Pick a Blogging Platform

You have got a domain name and hosting. Now you need to build your website. In the early stages, it is difficult to build a website as it needs many coding techniques. But now with the evolution of many sites, it is easy to build a website even if you don’t know the coding stuff. Many platforms came up with automation tools with which you can create a splendid website that too for free. There are many blogging sites available for building a website online like WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr.

Actually, there are two different WordPress websites. One is .com and the other one is .org. Many bloggers prefer for the following reasons: user-friendliness, free, easy to set up, customizable themes, and best plugins with SEO friendliness. Have a look at the difference between those two. vs vs

Since my platform is on, I will be talking about its themes and its plugins in the following topics.

5. Design your Blog:

Now, everything is ready. Just get into your dashboard and start customizing it. You need to add a title, tagline (if interested) and some menus for better looking. To do that follow the next steps:

  • Go to Settings< general<Choose a title and tagline.
  • Go to Dashboard< appearance <menus<add some menus.

The top portion of your website looks complete. Then, it is time to add some themes.

Choose a Good Theme:

It is very important to design your blog for visitors. There are a lot of themes available in WordPress, that you can use. As a beginner, it is good to keep your blog simple and effective. Pick up simple and good themes. There are multiple themes available other than WordPress if you want to use them you can download and link that with your WordPress and can use it.

Add Important Plugins

There are lots of plugins available in WordPress for easy customization, optimization and better looking. They are lots of essential plugins available and are used by most bloggers. I will tell you the most essential and must-have plugins. A website needs security, SEO and backup support for future purposes. So, I will suggest the best plugins in the respective field such as Yoast SEO- for SEO optimization, Sucuri Security- which provides security and Updraftplus- to back up your content.

Quick Review: How to Start a Blog?
Quick Review: How to Start a Blog?


Now, you have an awesome website. You agreed with what I said, it isn’t that difficult to build a web, correct? So what are you waiting for? Just post your first blog and publish it on the blogging platform. If you have done it, comment below. I would like to have a look at it.

Suggestions and queries are always welcome. Do share it if you think this might help some needy ones. Thanks for your precious time.

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