Top 7 Free Blogging Tools that you must use

Do you know there are multiple tools available for blogging? Yeah, these tools help bloggers to update their perfect blogs online. It is easy to start a blog but to maintain it you need many tools. There are paid and free tools available in the market. By using many free tools, many are blogging effectively. So let’s see some of the top free tools to make your blogging journey smother.

Free Blogging Tools
Top 7 Free Blogging Tools that you must use

Note all the following tools are free to use and it has premium features also. I have described the free features, not the premium one.

1. Answer the public:

When your niche is ready and still if you are confused about the title or with which title you want to start a blog. Answer the public will help you to find a title. It is one of the best keyword research tools. It has a lot of questions available and will present it to you in a diagram format. Have a look at the following image:

Answerthepuplic example for the topic: Digital Marketing
Answerthepuplic example for the topic: Digital Marketing

Answer the public uses search results and gives you a lot of questions with the prefix like what, which, how. It will add many prepositions and will give you an elaborate idea of how many ways your keyword can be used as a title. It has a premium version also with which you can analyze as many topics as you want.

2. Ubersuggest:

Now, with a lot of ideas and topics. You will be stuck with which topic you need to start and which one has a wider reach to your audience. To make that easy, Ubersuggest plays a predominant role in keyword research. Ubersuggest has a lot of features in it which will help you in identifying the search volume for a particular idea. 

Ubersuggest Keyword Suggestions
Ubersuggest Keyword Suggestions

It is important to choose the idea with a decent search volume so that many people can visit your blog if you rank above the rest. When you enter your topic, it will show you the search volume, SEO, paid difficulty and paid ads. Don’t choose a keyword with too many search volume, you will end up with competing for the top brands. It will also show you the other blogs with a similar title, it’s backlinks and social shares. It will also help you to find other content ideas also. 

3. Grammarly:

Once your keyword research is over, you will start to write your content for that particular title. That blog will at least have 500 minimum words in it. It is obvious to make spelling or grammar mistakes in such lengthy content. To rectify it, you have an easy tool available online that is Grammarly. This can help you out to rectify your sentences, punctuation, and spelling



You can integrate it with your chrome extension so that while typing the content, anything goes wrong it will indicate instantly and you can rectify it. It has an add-on with Microsoft word also. In the free version, you can check your spellings, grammar, punctuation. In the case of the premium version, it suggests in-depth analysis and more suitable sentences compared to what you have written. For good content, the free version of Grammarly is more than enough. 

4. License Free Stock Photos

If an article is full of sentences and paragraphs, it will not provide a better user experience to your readers. So, it is equally important to have good pictures for your blog. The Internet is full of pictures and images. But to use most pictures, you need to have a license so that the image is watermark-free. There are sites with license-free stock photos that can be used in your blogs. Below is a list of top license-free stock photos that you can use for your blog.

5. Canva:

If your blog has too much content to read, it makes the reader to skim through it and move out of it. So, it is necessary to add a few images or infographics for their visual treat. Canva is an image editing tool that helps you in creating catchy and professional images. It is a user-friendly and easy to use app. It has millions of photos, many filters, shapes, and icons. 

Canva - Photo Editing Tool
Canva – Photo Editing Tool

You can create an image with different sizes for different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Blog. This app is available for Android, windows, and ios. You can utilize most of its features for free and it has a premium version for its advanced designing tools. Believe me, you can create awesome images with the free tools in it. 

6. Yoast SEO:

You have a blog ready and are ready to publish it. Before publishing your content on the blog, it is crucial to check its SEO features. Yoast SEO is a complete tool that will help you in your blog SEO features. It is a WordPress plugin with 5+ million active installations among the users. It is the most common SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO will help you from optimizing your content in terms of key phrase usage, image alt text usage, most importantly your snippet preview. It will assist you with the readability also by mentioning paragraph length, passive voice usage and most importantly your reading ease percent. This will help you in providing more readability content to your readers. For the social media shares, it helps you in providing space for the title, meta description with images. This can optimize your blog for social media reach.

7. Google Analytics:

After publishing your post and sharing it with the social media platforms, you need to track your blog performances and to analyze how it works. Google Analytics is one of the popular analytics tools that can help you in analyzing the traffic for your site, your audience behavior and their mode of acquisition.

Google Analytics Overview
Google Analytics Overview

It is free to use, it automatically collects data once you integrate with your blog. It helps you to identify your audience’s age group, gender, mobile phone, and their location. You can see your social referral also and can target a particular platform more with this data. All the web related information can be acquired with this google analytics.

It’s time to get started!

These are the free blogging tools can help you to make your blog effective and successful. This will help you in achieving your target. You can use these tools and can stand out from your competitors and has an opportunity to shine out.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to use these tools and share your views about it. As always, share it if you think this might help someone. Don’t forget to subscribe if you need a regular update on digital marketing. Have a good day!!

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