Learning from DigitalDeepak Internship Class 2!

The DigitalDeepak Internship Program class 2 was preponed as there was Christmas on 25th December. This article is about my learning from digitaldeepak in class 2 of his internship program. The class started at 9.05 pm on 24th December. Deepak Kanakaraju started the presentation with a slide related to the previous assignment and payment processing time.

The first assignment had a very high completion rate of 87%. Due to such a high completion rate, Deepak and his team Pixel Track is working hard to give ratings and feedback for every assignment. Like the first session, we had a few moral quotes from the mentor.

DigitalDeepak Internship class 2
Learning from DigitalDeepak Internship Program Class 2!

Moral Quotes:

Followed by a slide in which Deepak asked us to focus on the class and to stay away from the distractions for the remaining session to understand the concepts better. He asked us to learn, do, and teach things which will help us to understand things in a better way. Finally, Mistakes are future-benefits. Mistakes are the proofs that show us, we are trying something new which will help us to learn better.

Focus on what you do!
Focus on what you do!

“Focus on the centre, not on the border”


It is time to learn about some marketing. Marketing is all about conversations. “If you cannot converse well 1:1, you cannot converse well 1: many”. It is important to master the communication to succeed in any field. While communicating, be authentic. People want to be real and attracted to some real one out there. So, authenticity is important to communicate better and connect with your audience. The one with more life experiences is a better marketer. If you are not the one, start today, travel, learn new languages and most importantly; do new things all the time.

Communication is the Key.
Communication is the Key.

Audience Persona:

With your niche, you need to define your audience which is very important for your growth. If you think everybody out there is your audience, then really nobody is your audience. By finalizing your niche, you should have come across a person in your mind for whom you wanted to provide a solution. He is your customer avatar for which you will be providing values. If you are still confused, try to answer the following questions for your niche:

Learning from Digital Deepak
Who is your Audience?

What is his/her name? how old is he/she? What does he/she live?

What is his/her hobby? Who is his/her favorite person? What does he/she want to become in the future?

These are few questions from which you can understand your audience better. The first set of questions are Demographic-based (Name, Age, Gender, Location, etc.) and the second set is Psychographic-based (Personality, Interests, Lifestyle, etc.)Your answers to these questions would narrow down to a single person. He or she is your customer avatar and your content, products or services should revolve around the customer.

Tips to Engage with your audience:

Deepak has given tips to engage with your customer avatar for better understanding which is as follows:

  • You need to write to a single audience at a time.
  • You have to connect to them 1:1 to join with them in a mental conversation.
  • Email and Direct Messaging helps you to reach them in their private space away from social media and website.
  • Your Headline, First Heading which will be followed by other headings should be interconnected and link to an ultimate one-line goal.

Here is what DigitalDeepak does for his customers:

  • He addresses them by the First name.
  • He sent emails to them like a friend and join the conversation with their minds.
  • Email Marketing is his primary method of communication.

By the time people meet him, they feel like they know him personally already. How does he write so well? It is because he knows his AUDIENCE well by interactions, personal calls and surveys.

“Awkwardness is an indicator of learning”


With this note, the DigitalDeepak Internship Program class 2 ended. Our assignment was to build our own customer avatar for our selected niche. The session was great and I learned more about marketing and communication more than digital marketing which is the key to success. Looking forward to attending the next session of the DigitalDeepak Internship Program and share the same here.

Hope you liked this article, do comment your learning from digitaldeepak and your own customer avatar below. We will discuss it.

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