What did I learn from Deepak Kanakaraju via his Internship Program on Day 1?

Deepak Kanakaraju is a well known Digital Marketing Expert across India. I was eager to learn from Deepak Kanakaraju directly. As he introduced Digital Deepak Internship Program in the month of November, many went crazy and enrolled in this program, so did I. I have been following and learning digital marketing from Deepak Kanakaraju for more than 6 six months. I learnt many things from his blog (Digitaldeepak.com).

Inspired by him, I joined a digital marketing training institute in Chennai (Digital Scholar) and learnt a lot. Even though I learnt complete digital marketing from them, I was waiting to learn digital marketing from the one who laid the foundation of Digital Marketing on me. This internship program is helping me to learn directly under his guidance. I was very happy to be enrolled in his internship program.

Digital Deepak Internship Program:

Our first session was scheduled for December 18th, at 9.05 pm. In this article, I will be sharing my experience of what did I learn from Deepak Kanakaraju on the first webinar of the Internship program.

Learn from Deepak Kanakaraju
Day 1 – DigitalDeepak Internship Program


The title sounds weird. Yeah, Deepak taught us few basics of economics also. He started the session with a bit of economics. It was about what is debt, how the economy works, whether the recession will happen in 2020 or not. Though the session was very crisp, it provided us with a lot of insights about how the economy works.


Next came, the most basic and important segment for all sorts of business, which is communication. His primary focus was to increase the communication skills of all those who had enrolled in the program. He asked us to read English books, listen to the podcast, and most importantly to write down a lot which will help us to remember a lot.

Digital Marketing:

After all these general instructions, he moved to the focus area of the internship, which is Digital Marketing. Deepak explained about the future of digital marketing. He gave an outline of the integrated digital marketing elaborately. Then, he explained the importance of Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Paid Advertising, and finally the Sales. He demonstrated how he developed one for his blog.


Deepak created a poll from which he concluded that approximately 64 percent of the enrolled students are new to digital marketing and asked all of us to select a specific niche. He asked us to comment on the niches with which many commented within the fields of Money, Health, and Relationships. He also justified the importance of selecting the micro-niche.

Market & Keyword Research:

After the niche part, it was the market research which he explained with realtime examples and living examples as well. Then came the keyword research, he demonstrated the keyword research with Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and keywordtool.io. He put across the market research by comparing his brand with his competitor’s brand. He was conducting few interesting polls in between which kept us engaging.


Overall, it was an insightful session with polls, engagement, a short 3 minutes break, and interactions. The first session went very well and hope it will grow in the upcoming sessions. I will be learning a lot from him and will be writing more articles like this. This is about my view on the Internship program, you may differ from this.

Do comment on your first day or first session experience from your dream guide which you feel to be shared with this world.

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